Public Safety

Welcome to the Public Safety program at the WMCTC:

In this program, it is of the utmost importance that we find the most dedicated and hardworking individuals willing to study and train in the field of Public Safety.  This field is, and always will be, in need of men and women who dedicate themselves to providing safety and justice to those who are around them.  In this class, you will learn what it takes to be a police officer, firefighter, EMS technician, as well as, dozens of other career paths within the Public Safety field.  Students will use some of the most modern training techniques and technologies to simulate experiences similar to real-life experiences of current professionals in this field.  Job shadowing, co-op opportunities, and guest speakers will expose students to many different job opportunities within the Public Safety field.  

If you are motivated to learn, eager to help, and have what it takes, consider joining us in the Public Safety program.  We need people like you!

The Public Safety Field:

Career opportunities in the public safety field include police officer, firefighter, EMS technician, court personnel, corrections officer, emergency dispatcher, forensic science, lab technician, and Homeland Security personnel.

Brett DeAugustine, Instructor

Dale Hall, Paraprofession