Early Screening Inventory

The Early Screening Inventory-Revised (ESI-R™) 2008 Edition provides a brief developmental screening instrument designed to be individually administered to children from 3.5 to 5.11 years of age. It identifies children for whom we need additional information to support their educational progress. Research has shown the ESI-R to he highly reliable and valid. Administration: Examiner administered; ESI-P Preschool ages 3:0–4:5, ESI-K Kindergarten ages 4:6–5:11 Completion Time: 15–20 minutes per child Scores: Scores/Interpretations: Refer/Rescreen/OK recommendation based on age norms Ages / Grades: Children 3:0–5:11 years old Features The instrument addresses developmental, sensory, and behavioral concerns in the following areas: Visual Motor/Adaptive Language and Cognition Gross Motor Skills.

Local Data Collection Process

Early Screening Inventory- Revised has been adopted by the WMISD Early Childhood Leadership Team to meet the requirements of the GSRP and Head Start Legislation for a common screening tool. It is to be used by all preschools in the WMISD area. Local Superintendents, NMCAA and NEMCSA have approved this tool. Collect data on the entire class and send results to WMISD. 
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