Michigan Merit Curriculum
Michigan High School Graduation Requirements

The Michigan Merit Curriculum requires students entering 8th grade in 2006 to obtain a minimum of 16 credits for graduation.

Personal Curriculum

The Michigan Merit Curriculum (MMC) encompasses one of the most comprehensive sets of high school graduation requirements in the country. These graduation requirements were put in place to better prepare students for greater post-secondary success and help secure the economic future in Michigan. For many students, the new graduation requirements will be rigorous, relevant, and attainable. However, there will be some at-risk students and students who qualify for special education services that will find the increased demands difficult to attain. Local school boards can offer students a Personal Curriculum option under section 1278b of the MMC law, allowing for minor modifications to the MMC. Personal Curriculums must be initiated by a student's parent or guardian and incorporate as much of the MMC subject area content as possible. A committee must meet to establish appropriate curriculum modifications and measurable goals that the students must achieve while enrolled in high school.
Allowable Personal Curriculum Modifications:
  • Algebra II to be taken over two years earning two credits
  • 1/2 credit of Algebra II in Career Tech or stop with a 1/2 credit of Algebra II
  • Reduced credit of social studies, physical education, health, and visual performing and applied arts credits in order to take more Math, Science, English Language Arts, or World Languages
  • For a student with a disability, a district may consider modification to any MMC content expectation made necessary by the student's disability (modifications must be consistent with the student's learning ability)
  • Except for students with a disability, the legislation does not allow for modifications in the following areas: Science, Civics, English Language Arts, World Languages, and On-line experience.

Graduation Requirement Materials

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