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Spotlight on Preschool: Holly Bailey Wiltzer

posted Dec 7, 2015, 7:13 AM by Trent Miller
olly Bailey Wiltzer is a veteran early childhood educator serving young children in the Marion area for many years through the NEMCSA Head Start Agency.  She is dedicated to helping young children develop the skills and abilities required to be successful in school and life.

We had the opportunity to visit her room recently. During large group she had children working on counting, rhyming, sharing their ideas,  listening, speaking, and music all in one activity! They sang the classic nursery rhyme hickory dickory dock while counting 1-6 repeatedly, and taking turns to change the rhyme and come up with words that rhyme with ​numbers 1-6. Holly does this in a joyful way by using music through the day as she reminds children about following the routine singing ​"​Hi H​o,​ Hi H​o,​ it’s off to group we go” after clean up time.

Holly is also an expert user of technology to support her assessment and instruction.  She uses her iPad or smartphone
​to take pictures and anecdotes about what children learn throughout the day. She also displayed her iPad  on a large screen​ playing an ABC guessing game- ​practicing ​listening discrimination​ like "It's a tool you can build with it starts with an H​".  ​When children seem to be getting of task, she pulls them back with a gentle reminder singing again: ​

Eyes are watching

Voices are listening

This is how we listen

At group time

Holly shared her wealth of knowledge related to using technology in the preschool classroom at the Nov 2 WMISD area wide inservice. We appreciate Holly sharing her strategies and appreciate her willingness to organize and prepare for a presentation.