Classrooms for Students with Severe Emotional Impairments

As part of the Wexford-Missaukee ISD special education plan, we operate three self-contained classrooms for students having severe emotional impairments, all of which are located in Cadillac:
  • The Lower Elementary Classroom is at Lincoln Elementary
  • The Upper Elementary Classroom is at Mackinaw Trail Middle School
  • The Middle School Classroom is at Cadillac Junior High School

We do not operate center based programs beyond eighth grade. Students completing eighth grade in the center based program will transition back to their local district. We teach students the skills needed to re-enter their home school environment successfully.


Curriculum for the classrooms of students with severe emotional impairments is based on the Michigan Career & College Readiness Standards. Our program offers uniquely designed instruction so that students are able to learn the content at their own pace. All students are required to participate in the MEAP, or MEAP-Access, as well as curriculum-based measurements. We have an intensive curriculum in the affective domain - social, behavioral, and emotional - to assist our students in learning new strategies for coping with their disabilities.