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Parent Advisory Committee

The Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) of the WMISD is a collective group of parents that have at least one child who receives special education services from the WMISD or one of it's constituent local school districts. Committee members serve as the voices for each of the school districts, to advise the director of Special Education of the concerns brought forth from each district. The PAC members will also be informed of important information. Parents who have concerns, questions, or are in need of information may contact their local PAC member.

Current PAC Members
Cadillac Area Public Schools
    Kelli Schutte 

Lake City Area Schools
    Michelle Maxwell

Manton Consolidated Schools
    Joy Newton

McBain Rural Agricultural School
    Kerry Hoekwater

Pine River Area Schools
    Sheana Aug

Wexford-Missaukee Intermediate School District
    Ashley Hanson

Other Parent Sources for Assistance in Understanding Part B of the IDEA
Michigan Alliance for Families
Nicole Miller, Regional Parent Mentor
Michigan Protection & Advocacy Service, Inc.
800.288.5923 (Voice or TTY)
517.487.0827 (Fax)

Parent Resources