Every person experiences transition throughout his or her life.  The transition to a different classroom, new school building or from school to community is a process that all students go through.  The transition from school to community represents a major change in the student’s life.  Transition planning is a process used to assist students in their move from school to adult life.  This planning is an important time for students, families, agencies and schools to work together to help make decisions about the student’s future.

WMISD serves as a resource to the local school districts and other agencies on transition related issues for secondary students in Wexford, Missaukee and Northern Osceola Counties.  Through the Michigan Department of Education; Transition Grant, WMISD participates in the following:
  • Community Transition Council
  • Michigan Transition Outcomes Project
  • Michigan Transition Services Association
  • Northern Michigan Transition Coordinators
  • Professional Development: Transition
  • Transition Mandates of IDEIA 2004

Wayne Peters